A Scottish Lament

First music part: "Nathaniel Gow's Lament for his Brother" is a fiddle tune written about 1791 (when Gow's brother William died). They were two of the four sons of Niel Gow, the most famous Scottish fiddler of the 18th century. William was only 40 when he died - Nathaniel took over from him as leader of the Gow family band. This tune was taken to Ireland in the middle of the 19th century and got speeded up to become the jig "The Gallowglass". It makes a good jig, but didn't the Irish have enough of their own already?

Second must part: You got something very interesting in the second part of that. I was playing "Loch Torridon", and the regulars at the session know that tune and follow me.

Sandy Mathers isn't a regular, and assumed I was playing "After the Battle of Aughrim", which is better known outside Edinburgh. The first halves are the same, the second halves are different. Sandy was too far away for me to hear clearly what was going on, and I couldn't have done much about it anyway. So we had two different tunes going simultaneously, related through the historical connection I mentioned. Your microphone picked both of them up better than any of us players could hear.

I've heard people playing similar-sounding tunes together at sessions before but yours is the only recording of it I've ever heard of, and this is a very good example of how it happens. Neat.

Story and comments by Jack Campin.


Jack Campin (woodwinds, washboard) on the bench
George Current (moothies) ditto
John Shaw (clean-shaven fiddler) across the table from George
Sandy Mathers (fiddle) behind John Shaw

Others who may have been playing (can't remember for sure):

Graeme Adamson (grey bearded fiddler)
Dave (Not sure who?)
Tanya Fraser (blonde woman fiddler/whistle player)

Many thanks to the Sandy Bell’s from Edinburgh for filming.

Great apology for the one camera – one take only filming that constrained the editing of this piece.

Camera: Sony HVR-A1
Tripod- sound recording and lighting equipment all rented at
Intro and ending filmed with the iPhone 8mm App

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