To the Yukon and Back: The Galacticats Tour

On June 1, 2015, Guelph rock band The Galacticats packed up a very unreliable vehicle and began to play their way to the west coast of Canada. 8 weeks, 6 provinces, 2 vehicles, and countless mishaps made for an epic tour to the Yukon and back, an incredible journey ending with a final performance at Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ont. on July 23. Here are the behind-the-scenes intimate moments captured on the road.

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Photography by Vanessa Tignanelli
Contributors: Wendy Shepherd, Brian Hart, Gabriel Thaine, Ross Baird, Alex Harris, Jordan Fry

Interview with CFRU 93.3FM, live at Hillside Music Festival

"Tofino", "Wolves", "Don't I Know You"
The Galacticats EP
Recorded by Kyle Peters
Mastered by Joshua Mancuso, Cylinder Sound Studio
Lyrics by Kieran Lehan

Produced/Edited by Vanessa Tignanelli

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