Winnitron 1000 at the 2011 Game Developer Conference

The Winnitron 1000 is going to GDC 2011! Come by Booth 1137 and play some exclusive indie games, and talk to indie game developers who have created games for the Winnitron 1000!

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011

1:30pm - Kyle Pulver and Chevy Ray -- Hear Chevy discuss his new game X-Bones, as Kyle looks on longingly and talks about Space Sushi!

2:30pm - Vlambeer - Vlambeer and Paul Veer -- The team behind Super Crate Box, and the Winnitron exclusive, Super Crate box Versus!"

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011:

11:30am - Adam Saltsman -- Discussing Games, life, and being a new dad!

2:30pm - Indie Game the Movie Q&A -- Talk to the creators of Indie Game the movie, and ask questions about the progress of their film!

Also, stop by the booth at any time to check out these awesome games:

Apoca, X-Bones, Space Sushi, Super Crate Box Versus, Captain Foraxian, Canabalt: 2 Player, Sumo Topplers, Gun, Trash Pilot, Robots Robots Everywhere, Indie Brawl, Krunch, C4ke, Leap4Blue, Verge, Paper Moon, 4fourths, N Arcade: Winnitron Edition, and Cephalopods Co-op Cottage Defence!

Music by Din Stalker:

Video by Kert Gartner:

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