Fami-Mode Talks: Smallest & Consumers

Fami-Mode is a yearly celebration of the culture surrounding the 8-bit NES. Taking place in Kichijouji, Tokyo in early January, live chiptune music and Famicom tournaments run all night long in a riff on the traditional Hatsum┼Źde festival. The event is organized by Satoshi Sakigami, the owner of game culture shop METEOR.

Continuing our coverage of the game-inspired all-night party, today we hear from musicians Smallest and Consumers. Smallest is a rapper whose Japanese-language lyrics blend hip-hop and chiptune styles... a genre inevitably termed "chip-hop." The musician has collaborated with the Consumers music group on several game-inspired projects and the two regularly perform together at Fami-Mode.

A frequent participant of the Fami-Mode event series, Consumers took the innovative step of including independently developed Windows games with their albums P.S.G. and D.O.T.S.. (The software came included on the same compact discs as the albums.) The live acts featuring music by Ishii and visuals by BAB often incorporate improvisatory elements controlled by gamepads, further emphasizing the gaming theme of their music.

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