66. Developmental Pathways of the Water Mold, Blastocladiella emersonii

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Developmental Biology Film Series episode 66. The water mold can develop and reproduce in a variety of paths to deal with environmental conditions. Biologist: Edward C. Cantino, Michigan State University National Science Foundation Grant DB507. CREDITS Producer/Director – Joseph V. Durden Director/Editor – Elvin Carini Cinemicrography – Peter Yanover and Martin Brown Sound – Charles L. White, Jr. Graphics – R. Paul Larkin and George Witham Production Coordinator – Marilyn P. Farnell Production Manager – David R. Nelson Produced by the Developmental Biology Film Program of the Educational Development Center Project Director – Eugene Bell Executive Producer – Jack Churchill COPYRIGHT 1972 Educational Development Center, Inc. All rights reserved. Distributed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst under license agreement with the Educational Development Center, Inc. For information on acquiring such distribution rights for your organization, contact the Technology Transfer Office at UMass Amherst.
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