Is THIS What the Ocean Sounds Like? Find out in

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Subscribe for more: Guinea Something Good presents the second byte-sized short, "Sea Sounds" Joe shows off a seashell to George. Listen to the sounds of the ocean! Based on this comic strip: See exclusive behind-the-scenes sketches, animatics, and videos. Get exclusive wallpapers and HD video downloads. Access pre-alpha, alpha, and beta testing of all Guinea Something Good games in development - and game downloads upon completion. And more surprises! And perhaps most importantly - support Guinea Something Good and keep it going strong! Subscribe for more: Become a Facebook Fan: Take part in the conversation on Twitter: Get updates and exclusive GIFs on Tumblr: Buy an awesome T-Shirt: Read the comic strip, updated twice a week: Follow us on DeviantArt: Become a fan on Newgrounds: Keep up to date on Google+: Guinea Something Good is a series about guinea pigs in a very human reality. Starring Joe - the somewhat sociopathic taco-lover and coffee addict; George - the voice of reason; Jeremy - the cowardly astronaut; and Gemma - the prolific but weary scientist and inventor. From slice-of-life situations to grappling with technology straight from science fiction, Guinea Something Good is a hilarious animated series with hand drawn, 2D animation and funny, quirky characters. Created by Jeff Mumm Animation, Editing, Art, Direction by Jeff Mumm Cast Joe: Edwyn Tiong George: Sean Chiplock Theme Song: Thermionic Moon - Transcript: -intro music- JOE: Listen, George! You can hear the sounds of the ocean! GEORGE: Let me try! -waves- SEASHELL: Dude! Killer wave! Ooh, wipeout! GEORGE: And...what? That's supposed to be relaxing? JOE: No, it's supposed to remind us why we never go to the ocean. GEORGE: And why's that? JOE: Talking seashells. -slide whistle- -outro music-
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