Dan Gibson's Solitudes 25 Natural Beauty

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New Age, Relax Video 01 ... The Lazy River 02 ... Water Lilies 03 ... Dreaming 04 ... Algonquin Sunset 05 ... Misty Morfect Day 06 ... The Perfect Day 07 ... Inpressions 08 ... Autumn Solitude 09 ... Winter Wonder Download - . Solitudes, the very first line of musical Somerset Entertainment, was launched in 1981 by company founder Dan Gibson. Hot love Dan to nature, combined with his many talents, such as cinema solutions and fees to the funds by nature, this is where the company began the history of Solitudes. Unfortunately, March 18, 2006, Dan Gibson, died at his home in Toronto. The list of his great achievements of life is the cornerstone of his great legacy left by the descendants of: beautiful music, which presents diverse and beautiful sounds of animate and inanimate nature. 25 years after the start of music programs by Dan Gibson Music brendomSolitudes received worldwide recognition as a demonstration of music masterpieces of nature. This success was possible because of the great passions of the author to explore the sounds of nature. Music touches the heart of the Dean of each student and his name will certainly not be forgotten in time. Today, music is a brand Solitudes music for relaxation gently mixed with the sounds of nature, as well as albums with pure natural sounds.
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