Fami-Mode Talks: Sexy-Synthesizer

In the final installment of our video series on the Fami-Mode NES festival, we hear from Takeshi Nagai of music group Sexy-Synthesizer. Entailing game-inspired music performances and 8-bit game tournaments in Kichijouji, Tokyo, Fami-Mode is celebrated once a year in late January, organized by game culture shop owner Satoshi Sakagami.

A regular performer in the festival series, Sexy-Synthesizer is musician Nagai, VJ Otani and guest vocalist Chihiro. Inspired by the sprite art and sound effects of old school titles, the group has on several occasions been invited by game developers to share their renditions of popular videogame music.

Arrangements by Sexy-Synthesizer can be heard in Namco Bandai's Katamari Forever for Playstation 3, as well as the Square Enix album Love SQ, where they perform Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger. The music group's original albums include Funky Bit, Rock and Happy Synthesizer.

In this video interview, we hear about the influence of retro-future aesthetics on the group's audio-visual presentation. Nagai also describes how the DIY mentality of independent creation has been central to the group's creativity. To hear more about METEOR's celebration of gaming culture, see also our previous interviews with 6955 and Omodaka, Smallest and Consumers, and Kplecraft.

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