Until the Last Moment ~ Yanni Cover

I'm so glad to have learned this great song from Yanni.

I've been privileged to witness him in concert 7 times. He often explains this song's meaning as;

"Sometimes we get caught up in our troubles and our problems and we let life sort of, slip away. Life is precious. All of life and one must try and take in as much of it as possible."

I concur. To me it's also a reminder to always do your best at everything you do and how hard of an effort you make. It isn't about being the best, but putting in your BEST personal effort. The best friend you can be, the best spouse, the best mother or father to your children. The best at your job and the best to yourself. It's a reminder to stand tall and maintain forward momentum with your head held high and never to succumb to the storms of negativity around you. Not just when you're blessed, but always. Until the last moment!!!

By far not his easiest piece but one on the top of my list to play. I don't read sheet music and in learning this song I used several methods. The basic structure of the song is fully intact, though an experienced pianist will notice some nuances. There are subtle differences from most of his live performances as well as his individual recordings. I didn't learn a particular version of the song but rather combined my favorite parts of various live performances while keeping it as close to the cover he recorded on "In My Time". My personal belief is that it's one of his own favorites of his music. I don't think there's any other song in his repertoire that he has revisited as much as this one. It's on most of his cd's and I always love to see and hear how he uses it to introduce the violin talent of his current tour.

For perfectionists out there trying to learn this song. I record my videos as I would play them at an event. Any mistakes made are left as is and of course there are always one or two (or 37). Most often I play on the clients piano and as you can expect they are rarely in perfect pitch. The minor change of left hand at 0:56 - 1:00 is due to several reasons. The major one being that you will find most piano's have the majority of tuning issues in the lower registers. Taking out the double notes makes for a better playing and listening experience for all and it the song will sound far less disjunct. Your heart will sink when you play those 4 seconds as intended always to hear nothing like what it's meant to be on most pianos.

Thanks for watching!!! Please let me know what your favorite Yanni song is!

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