Aquatic Sequences Collection ON AURA TOUT VU Accessoires SS17

Aquatic Sequences
Positioned in succession one after the other, abstract rectangles recreate new geometric compositions. Mystery beneath under the water world punctuates this collection. Inspired by the motion sequences of crystals.
Ornament as an ocean treasure; Necklaces, bracelets and earrings came to life in cold color harmonies with clear crystal, smoky shades of blue, Blue Shade and Montana.
The gray metal with its fresh punctuations showcases the subtle shades of blue. Fine chains additions are agitated tentacles such as jellyfish from the ocean depths.
Directed by @gillesmaillard
Edited by @monsieur_bin & @gillesmaillard
On Aura Tout Vu @yassenwonderland @livifraise
Model @bettydoye
Hairs&make-up by @Minnie.citrus
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