Gabriel Iglesias - Jeremias (Director’s Cut)

Jeremias is lost in a devastated world with a message to give but no one to hear. In a battle against his desire to give up will he ever find anyone interested in what he has to say?

A sci fi short film/music video that tries to bring back the philosophical questioning present from the classical sci fi movies from the 70s while transforming the countryside of north Catalunya into a gloomy and dystopic world.

Read about the BTS on Directors Notes -

Jeremias is the first music video from Gabriel Iglesias debut album "Pedra em Carne" (Sony Music, 2016). Listen to the full album here:

Produced by éoqhá Filmes
Direction, Production & Editing: Matheus Siqueira
Concept: Matheus Siqueira & Eloá Vasconcelos
DP: Felipe Abreu
Art Direction and Assistant Director: Eloá Vasconcelos
Art Assistant : Augusto Henriques

VFX by Academia de Filmes, São Paulo
Coordinator: Chiquinho Ruiz
VFX Artist: Fábio Oliveira & Rogério Merlino

Color Correction by Company 3, Chicago
Producer: Joanna Woods
Colorst Artist: Parker Jarvie

Equipment by Êxodo Rental, Madrid

Shot on a Sony FS7 with Standard Zeiss Primes

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