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“RuniRoon” is an engaging runner game that helps a child understand visual and/or oral instructions and improve motor coordination.

The child needs to control with his/her body the character (a raccoon) that runs along a path in order to collect the correct objects that will appear. By making side walking movements, the child will help the running raccoon to collect the objects and avoid obstacles or objects that look quite similar e.g. have the same shape but differ in color. When collecting the wrong objects, or hitting on obstacles, the child loses stamina and could even run out of lives.

The teacher/therapist can configure the game settings according to the skills of each child by adjusting the velocity of the running raccoon, the duration of the game-play, etc. Moreover, the teacher/therapist can decide the category of the objects that need to be collected i.e. objects that will differ in shape and colors, objects which will be orientation signs as well as numbers which will be greater or lesser than a given one. The teacher can also select whether the visual messages will constantly appear on the screen or not, thus allowing the child to practice memory skills.

Ready to run along the path for collecting as many correct object as you can?

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About Kinems:
Kinems is a simple to use movement-based educational platform for teachers who want to offer personalized engaging learning experiences to K-3 children and monitor progress in learning and motor skills.
Kinect motion-based interactive games combine physical activities with academic goals for promoting the improvement of academic performance in math and literacy, motor planning & execution, concentration, attention, and audio-visual perception. Unique features are adaptability in content and gestures as well as the provision of detailed progress reports.
Ideal for special educators and occupational therapists that are working children who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia as well as ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.
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