Jazz band

Moscow, Jazz Band "Живые Люди". Shot in "Mariachi" saxophones shop.
Panasonic Lumix GH1, Canon 7D, Zoom H1


Our band was established a couple of years ago. Before then, there had been a number of staffs
Lots of experiments with musicians and styles, But it has always been a very vivid music

We once tried to name its style - with "jazz" word, or without "jazz" word
But finally we gave up naming it.
In general, it could be named "author jazz"

Jazz is the sort of music that unites performers more than any other music does, i think
It doesn't matter how one calls this music - Whether it is "jazz" or not, or any other word
You hear, you see, you feel something beautiful, And you try to catch it by its tail,

And to implement it into reality by all means - known and unknown

I think that this music can be reachable to many of the people
And our mission is to promote it by all means
The present situation, where this music has become somewhat elitist -
This situation is wrong, i think
Jazz is not some sophisticated music, it is rather approachable if played approachably

Jazz musicians are the most advanced and the most versatile musicians
These are the people who know more, and can do more,
The people who can play by notes, as well as without notes.
They can be free or can be disciplined - The best of them
These are just, kinda, free people. The live people

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