Secret City Main Title

“A world of secrets, lies, murder and betrayal …“

Secret City is a 6 part political thriller that was first aired on June 5th, 2016. Set in Australia’s capital, Canberra, it’s a story about an investigative journalist, Harriet Dunkley, who discovers a hidden world of deals and divided loyalties, lies and conspiracies.

Set amidst rising tensions between global superpowers, China and America, the client wanted the title to evoke a feeling of cold-war Berlin, so we developed a concept that stylised Canberra in a haunting way. Vacant architecture and isolated landmarks from Harriet’s world are seen through dense fog, partially obscuring reality and keeping the truth just out of reach.

Using Maya software we created all the scenes in 3d, including all the architecture and bridges, and even rebuilding some of the cast members from stills projected on 3d models. We added small natural movements like eye blinks and earrings swinging, giving the scenes a very eerie style which fit well with the mood of the series. Live action fog was then combined with smoke sims and light leak in nuke to complete the look.

Director/Designer/Animator - Finn Spencer
Post Production - Cutting Edge
Producer - Marcus Bolton
Compositing - Darren Coombes
3d - Sina Rahimpour, Mathew Mackereth
Audio - David Bridie
Client - Matchbox Pictures / Werner Films / Foxtel

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