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Southend Interactive is an independently financed game studio based in Malmö, Sweden. According to manager Fredrik Erlandsson, the company has refrained from entering their products in the Independent Games Festival because they see it more as a forum for less experienced devs. However the design methodologies underlying Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live Arcade puzzler ilomilo have embodied an independent spirit.

"Someone comes up with an idea and presents it to the team," says composer Daniel Olsén. "If people like it, we’ll start working on a pitch to show to publishers. We also have something called “hippie day” when we sit down in small groups and try to come up with ideas for pitches. Usually, whoever comes up with the idea is the one who stays in charge of the project later on. That’s pretty much it."

Close to one hour (not all of it is used for the mobile version) of music has been written for the game, which is out now for the Windows mobile device and will see an official release on XBLA in early January. A full-length remix album is also in the works, care of art director Simon Flesser. We caught up with the game's composer to hear about his music score, which in its endearing use of eclectic instrumentation and imprecise harmony lends a childlike quality to the overall game design.

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