Father’s Day 2016 - 06/19/2016

Father's Day 2016 - 06/19/2016
(By: Cere Muscarella)

Fathering… Is difficult in the 21st Century… Challenges, inherent traps and failures… So, it’s important that we get our definition from good sources! Because doing it right still comes with a lot of benefits!

Dad’s! Love your wife! This is the proven #1 stabilizer and influencer for kids!
Asides… If you are divorced you can still engage the precept…

Dad’s! Know your “kid!” No matter how many of them! Each one is an individual that changes thru a lifetime!
Discover and speak their love language! Speak in a way they understand without being like them! And change your approach if it’s not working! Understand your importance in their lives!

Dad’s! Be honest, transparent and interpretive with them! Bad friendships/premature love. Quick decisions/long term consequences. Laziness/proper stewardship. Diligent work habits/integrity. Love for God/church/unsaved. Trust based submission/following.

Kids need… Loving Instruction… The whole Kingdom of God is based on the principles of one generation transmitting God’s truth to the next! Loving Correction… “Children without correction are illegitimate children!”

Dad’s! Most Important! We must live the life we have been given in God… You can leave behind your money and possessions… and they will last for a time… Or you can leave behind the legacy of relationship with God that engenders true life for them!

The Epitome… “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from me: but it’s not my determination, choice or desire that’s central here, it’s Yours!”

The Epitome… Even the best of dad’s… The most exercised in discerning between good and evil… Will never do as good as God! And when we teach our children that He is the Final Authority in our lives… And we teach them to be like us… Then we have been the best dad!

Father's Day Prayer: “Father, let it be that I do nothing of myself… but that in all things, especially my parenting, I do what I see You doing, and say what I hear You saying, so that in the end my child is not of my making, but Yours!”

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