Diary of a Hounslow Girl Trailer May 2016

The Diary of a Hounslow Girl is told through the eyes of a 16 year old British Muslim Girl growing up in West London.
From traditional Pakistani weddings to fights on the night bus this is a funny, bold, provocative play highlighting the challenges of being brought up as a young woman in a traditional Muslim family alongside the temptations and influences growing up in and around London.
"Uncle Abdul Azeez said that Allah talks about a path. But we don't know what shape it is? Or whether there's a cross road in it? Or a Ditch at the end of it? Who said it was straight."
You've heard of an Essex Girl or even a Sloane Ranger but what is a 'Hounslow Girl'? A 'Hounslow Girl' has become a byword for young Muslim women who wear hooped earrings along with their headscarves, tussling with their traditional families while hustling their way in urban West London. Confident, young women grappling with traditional values, city life and fashion.

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