Eva Mynsberghe: Making products that tell stories

Jewellery and interiors designer Eva Mynsberghe emphasises the importance of telling stories with design.

Balungi is a Ugandan word that translates to “beautiful things for beautiful people,” says Eva Mynsberghe, a Belgium-born, Ugandan-raised creative who has adopted this ethos at her jewellery design studio. Called Balungi Uganda, the studio exhibits work that tells a story.

“When you judge an object it should have a story behind it,” says Mynsberghe. “This gives it more value.”

Her pieces tell the tales of Karamojong tribe in the north-east of Uganda. She draws on the traditions of these agro-pastoral herders when designing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more.

For Mynsberghe, the most interesting part of jewellery design is a piece’s ability to characterise the wearer. She also uses paper mache to create vases, bowls, and other interior design items to characterise the home. “All the accessories for a house and all the accessories for the person,” she explains.

Going forward, Mynsberghe hopes to uplift other Ugandan designs that tell inspiring stories.

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