Spring Moves - Music is Sonic Energy

Music is Sonic Energy, a brand film for Spring Moves, a music app which curates a unique energy specific playlist for your workout.

Director - Dael Oates
Writers - Dael Oates and Howard Collinge
Cinematography - Peter Eastgate
Edit - Kate Owen @Whitehouse Post
Original Music - Jeremy Yang @weareListen
Grade and Finish - The Mill NYC

Can you hear that?
It’s not your personal trainer
your breathable spandex
or your brand new sneakers
its not the salesman, the Shaman
or the celebrity spokesman
don’t listen to the bloggers
the predictions, the trends, the tweets
or the endless status updates

You already have it
right there in your headphones
that beat
that rhythm
that ‘rumm-paa-tumm-tummm’

the way it makes you move
the way it makes spin
the way makes you own this road, this block
this piece of earth at this very second

Its music…
Its sonic energy
and it makes you are more powerful then you know.

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