ATOM Awards 2015 - Nominated for 'Best Experimental' and 'Best Tertiary Documentary'
Martini Awards Sydney 2014 - Won 'Best Short Film', 'Best Graduate Film', 'Best Cinematography', and 'Peoples Choice Award'

September is a visually driven piece that tells it’s story through imagery and behaviour. It centres around the theme of grief through the eyes of a father still dealing with the unexpected death of his eldest daughter. It's told from the perspective of his youngest daughter through voiceover.

Time has gone so quick
Things have changed like I never thought they would
You try re-anact what you think happened in your head but you'll never truly know
Corruption has consumed the truth, closure seems so distantly out of reach
You start the blame game, in an effort to recover
You think nobody cares
You feel a certain sadness inside, something that no one understands
Your soul feels stained, corrupted, if something like this happened again you don't know what you'd do
You think about things you shouldn’t, you scare yourself
You push everyone away, shut them out, you've put up so many walls, your trapped, you can’t get out
When you first hear those words you freak out and breakdown and cry till you can't cry anymore
You start feeling sick to your stomach, you can't eat, you can't sleep, you loose all ability to function
You feel so much pain inside that you don't feel anything anymore, your numb from the inside out
It effects your thoughts, alters your decisions, it consumes every aspect of your being
Emotions take over, you can’t control your anger anymore, it controls you
As time goes by you assume it will get better, that you’ll heal, that this experience will make you appreciate the value of life, but it doesn’t, it just makes you realise how fucked up everything can get, with no reasoning, no explanation
You have to accept that you’ll never see her again, never talk to her again, never laugh with her again, never hug her again
The only time you’ll ever see her is whilst your dreaming
Guilt and regret now run through your veins, I wish I could have been more present, put more effort in
It's too late, whats done is done, and you have to deal with that
You have to suck it up and pretend like nothing ever happened
Where am I going, I can’t see where I’m going
Everything freezes then slow motion commences
Walls surround you, there's no where to go
I’m drowning within myself
Tunnel vision takes over
It can’t be true, I don’t want to believe it’s true
Why did she have to die
Why couldn't it be me
My chest feels heavy, it hurts to breathe

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