Jesus stands at the doors
sittin with the broken lonely and poor
waiting for the man to open up
so He can speak life and fill them up
lines and lines flow down the streets
each one a soul in defeat
they wait and stare wonder why
they're not allowed in, its warm inside
they hear music play, sounds of laughter
so whos inside? they call a master
as time ticks on and night falls
the music stops behind those doors
those people outside are left confused
poor in pain, battered and bruised
and as they sit and lay asleep
across the cold and lonely streets

Jesus stays awake and prays 
Father let ‘em see their sinful way
I paid the price for a broken heart
to give their soul a brand new start

a homeless person awakes to hear
the words of Christ and sees HIS tears
joins in prayer together with Him
Lord my hearts cry just begins
can i too pray? yes i believe!
it seems those inside are the ones deceived
Jesus grieved, yet pleased with this man
takes his hand and says "you know the plan"
My heart is my Fathers and my Father never sleeps
He watches and weeps
for the cold and lonely streets
the souls are many for the church to reach
not make walls to preach to the preached
if you did to the least you did it to me
rules will never set you free
I AM the way the truth the life
we eat we drink
under this street light


Praise God…

and you know so many times we miss the truth
Of Jesus and Why he came
why he came with flesh
we just breeze past the scriptures where it says that He humbled himself
made himself a servant
a servant to us!
That He slept under the stars,
that He was homeless
that he didn’t have…
days would go by what he didn’t have water to wash himself with
that he ate with the sinners
that he talked with the prostitutes
this was a man - Isaiah the prophet describes
as a man that was “despised and rejected by people”….
he was not something that you could look at and say
“oh look at that pretty blonde haired blue eyed guy”
he was a man that felt sorrow
and that sorrow was so deep….
and he knew what his Father had called him to do
and yet he still said to his father
“take this cup away from me!”
“but nevertheless let your will be done…”

This is the Jesus that i know…..

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