Tuesday Without Madeline Relph

Drinking, smoking and bathing at the same damn time - Madeline Relph multi-tasks her way to the high life in this week's instalment of Tuesday Without. Take one look at her Instagram account and you'll see that Madeline is a nomadic spirit with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, but here she brings her beauty indoors, and more specifically, into the bathtub.

There's not a rubber duck in sight but plenty of sultry vibes, while we also slipped a Kanye West shirt in there because why the hell not? Yeezus merch has never looked this great and excuse us while we listen to 'Blood On The Leaves' for the rest of the day.

Speaking of music, this short film is soundtracked by Sydney duo Yuma X. This guy-girl duo are from around our neighbourhood, and it's refreshing to hear such talent emerging from the area! The track is called 'Smoke Trails', a greyscale number that blends fragile vocals and a tastefully minimal backdrop. This is only their third release, but Yuma X have managed to generate plenty of hype - especially when they hit the road with RUFUS earlier this year. Listen to 'Smoke Trails' below and get all of your dose Yuma X over on Soundcloud.

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