Urban Photoshoot (2010)

This is the very first photoshoot I ever planned and executed. I would not have been able to do it without the help of my friend Vilma. She also does makeup and was the curling hair master as well as MANY other things, it's crazy how much she contributed!

For this photoshoot I had models before I had a theme so this theme was created for her. We actually went to this super cool, antique abandoned military base to take these pictures.

A lot of planning went into this shoot - we actually had to meet with the model (also our friend) weeks prior to see what clothes she had, try them on and choose what fit a theme. Not only that but we had to do trial hair and makeup days before the actual shoot.

For the actual shooting day we started in the early afternoon and didn't finish until after 8 PM, just as the sun went down. Vilma and I collectively worked on hair and makeup as you see in the video. Vilma also filmed the majority of this video in the portions that aren't on tripod.

The model loves watching Top Model and you can tell she definitely learned a lot from the show, as this was her very first time doing any kind of modeling. I think she's a natural!

The theme went for a more kick-ass/independent woman/modern type of look. I even gave her my wild peacock earrings to wear in the shoot! Though the rest of the clothes were of her own.

We had multiple outfits and sceneries chosen for this shoot and different types of lighting.

Originally there were about 1,600 raw photos but that was narrowed down to 50 fully edited photos, though only some of those are displayed at the end of the video.

With that said, I hope you enjoy! This was a lot of work, lots of fun and you'll be seeing more of this but in some other different themes!

See the concept sketch I made for this look before we even saw what clothes she had! I'm quite proud of it's similarity to the finished product :) -

I painted her nails black! It's my first time EVER painting someone else's nails and I was so excited that it looked okay :)

Thank You for Watching!!


- the red tractor picture ... we kind of jumped on it (it had a key in the ignition), took some pictures then ran off. Haha!

- the place we took this shoot on was actually an abandoned early 1900's military base.

Gunpowder & Lead by Miranda Lambert
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

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