Vidblog 009: Fiesta

I made this in 2003. The music was made by Rjyan (ROBYAN on Vimeo) after he got some new equipment. I also let him borrow my camera (Canon GL-1) for a day or two, and some of these shots are his. Those include when he's combing his hair, and the wine glasses.

I like when Josh is playing piano and Jessica is in the background, but you can't hear the piano. There's something weird about seeing and instrument without hearing it.

I was too scared to put my own raps in there, so it's just footage of Josh kind of stumbling but actually sounding pretty good.

Then the dance. You can see Ray Raposa from the band Castanets on crutches. And Robin and Shawn are dancing.

Robin tells the story of the Two-Heady Teddy, who is sort of the Vimeo mascot. When I first told her about the bear, she thought I was saying my mom got it for me, but really I was saying that I had bought it myself when I was at Ikea, for like $3.

I worked in the video glitches that were on the tape. My GL-1 was getting kind of grody towards the end and there would be lots of glitches.

Then Rjyan is goofing off, that's from the video we made for his song Take Pills. Then Mira and Lexie show up and Mira licks the camera. Then Eric pushes Rjyan.

That last shot of the party is backwards. Then you can see Josh playing piano but it's at 1% opacity.

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