Penny & Sparrow Joseph - Double Heart

Individually the ladies belong to a band called Joseph ( and the fellas go by Penny + Sparrow ( Together, there is a new group forming that is mind blowing.

This was truly a one take session. There were a few minutes that these good and kind people had after sound check and they graciously gathered around the microphone. We took one sound level and then hit record. Everything you hear and see is live. There are no cuts in audio or video and the hope behind that is all about you, the viewer. You get to experience the power of this moment as if you were in the room.

What you don't hear is everyone freaking out when we said cut. The room exploded with "Oh My God" and "That Was Unbelievable!" It was like we couldn't believe what we had just witnessed. Hopefully you will be saying the same things at home. Like the video + share with your friends!

Filmed +Edited By
Elizabeth Olmstead
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