Mold making and casting with ComposiMold. What Did You Mold Today? Project recap.

Thank you all for watching and commenting on our What Did You Mold Today video series!
We had a lot of fun creating everything from an apple candle to a Leonardo Da Vinci statue.
If you missed the videos you have a lot to catch up on!

• Apple Candle.
• Buzz Light-year dark chocolate cake topper.
• ComposiStone owl statue and an owl candle.
• Hello Kitty white chocolate cake topper.
• Shopkins resin necklace.
• Star Wars Anakin Skywalker milk chocolate cake topper.
• Crayon rhino.
• Soap Matchbox Cars.
• Furby chocolate cake topper.
• Dump truck cake topper.
• Americans for the Arts Action Fund Toy candle.
• Fondant Cake Toppers.
• Animal toy bead bracelet.
• ComposiMold Firm push mold earrings.
• Alvin and the chipmunks soap.
• ComposiMold-FC product demo.
• Donkey Kong Soap.
• Invisible sword.
• Glass swan.
• transparent crazy bones.
• Oogoo frog.
• Bubble Buster demo.
• Clear parts.
• Squinkie chocolate ring pop.
• Rubber Big Bird.
• Logo cake Topper.
• Frog concrete Statue.
• Minion concrete Statue.
• Plastic flower bud.
• Fairy garden statue.
• Resin jewelry.
• Leonardo Da Vinci garden statue.

Don’t worry there are more videos to come, so if there is something you would like to see please let us know!
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What are you going to make today?

ComposiMold mold making materials are reusable. They allow for continuous mold making without the worry. Here is a list and brief description of the mold making materials ComposiMold has available.

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