Wide Angle Relaxing Lake, Nature Video With After Effect Music Visualizer

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Watch the boats slowly drift along the distant shores as the music and the nature scene melts away stress and leaves you calm, peaceful and free thinking. Music from Jukedeck - create your own at TranquilGeo means Tranquil Earth. We provide Relaxing Music, Nature Videos, Nature Sounds and White Noise to help you relax, meditate, sleep, and calm the nerves to combat stress. Structure of our Categories ♮ music At TranquilGeo we make music to relax and calm nerves. They help with better sleep and restful sleep. Our relaxing songs are good for meditation since it's better to meditate to soft and gentle sounds. Our relaxing music typically consists of solo guitar and carefully crafted ambient music but we are constantly adding zen style sounds and instruments to our musical tools. 🗻 Nature Videos Our nature videos present the beauty of the earth in a relaxing format, providing inner peace and calm to relax you and give you a good night’s sleep. Our world is beautiful. We try our very best to capture that on film. Most of our nature videos reproduce the ambiance of the actual scene. Sometimes, our videos contain audio tracks of relaxing music and ambient mood builders. ☯ Meditation At TranquilGeo, we are firm believers in the power of meditation. Our short relaxing music videos are typically designed at around ten to twenty minutes, a popular length for meditation sessions. Our nature sounds videos and music videos are perfect for meditation. 💧 White noise Our white noise videos consist of things like relaxing rain and other nature sounds. They are great for meditation or mindfulness. We also have longer 8 hour nature sounds videos to help you sleep and stay asleep all night. It’s the ultimate insomnia buster. Website ► Facebook► Some of my other videos you might enjoy 8 Hours Of Rain Sounds: Soothing Sounds For A Deep Sleep ►... Rain Sounds: and Wind Chimes, Relaxation, Meditation, Stress Relief ►... Ambient Music: Guitar Song Entitled Life, Relaxing Music ►... Relaxing Guitar Song "Determined" ►... Relaxing Music: Nature Video In Autumn ►... Relaxing Instrumental Guitar entitled Family, Nature pictures ►... Nature Sounds, Crickets Chirping, Meditate ►... Soothing Music Playlist ►... Soundscapes Playlist ►... relaxingdo50
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