More from after the storm. The sequel to the Triple Lightning Strike

The first part is random strikes I happened to capture on the same night as the triple strike on Willis Tower, Trump International Hotel and Tower and the John Hancock Building ( In the second clip you can kinda hear my neighbors on their balcony yelling after Willis Tower is struck with a giant rainbow in the background.

1:19 - Is a sped up scene of a giant rainbow forming over the Chicago skyline.

1:46 - Is the original triple lightning strike video in a 30 second block for those that were questioning it's authenticity. I could have shown more but watching paint dry would be more interesting. If you listen closely, you can hear me lightly say "yes!" after the triple strike happens. You can also notice a slight movement in the camera. This was me putting my hand on the camera to stop recording as nothing was happening. That would've sucked to miss out on this by a second.

HD Video was filmed on a Canon EOS 7D. Edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

Music: The xx ( - Intro

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