We had wanted to film Land of Talk for a long, long time, to see for ourselves the way they balance the energy of the guitars with Elizabeth’s gentle, melancholy voice. Elizabeth had been interested in working with us for quite a while as well, but we had never said it to each other. Our respective declarations came a bit late, just before a security guard shooed us off the parking lot of a botanical garden, before we could even approach some kind of agreement.

No matter; Montréal is stuffed full of parks, so let’s go to the next one over and join the kids, maybe sing along with them as we walk along. We can tape Joseph’s synth and Andrew’s case to the branches of a tree, go ask that guy driving the tractor to take a break, and then sing one of the band’s most beautiful songs while perched up high, surrounded by leaves.

Elizabeth has got the same sort of balance that you can hear in her music—she’s lighthearted, smiling and sometimes comical, but also takes herself seriously and sings with a certain profoundness. And don’t forget that marvelous voice. We could have spent the rest of the afternoon listening to her serenade as we picnicked.

Text by Chryde
Images & Edit by Mitch Fillion
Sounds & Mix by François Clos

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