False Dawn - (TSBTS Ch. 5)

A PhoenixMist Films production of a Popeye Theophilus Barrnumb film.

You can watch the other chapter films first so this film makes more sense (links below), or here's summary recap:

THE STORY SO FAR: This film is a Chapter 5 entry for The Story Beyond The Still contest sponsored by and Canon. For those who have not seen the first four (out of an eventual 7) chapter films (each required to be less than 4 minutes in length), here is a quick summary to get you up to date so this film makes more sense: A cab driver driving a yellow cab found a stuffed teddy bear at the airport on the sidewalk and took it home to his young daughter. The bear had a ripped seam, and the girl found a skeleton key in the stuffing and gave it to her father. There was also a large steamer trunk that moved and apparently had something alive in it. The key ostensibly opened the trunk. The story was continued on by three other contest-winning filmmakers, bringing the story along, and in the last chapter, the girl was apparently kidnapped by someone and a mysterious man on the beach with a metal detector told the cabbie to take the key to a location and they would give him his daughter. The last part of the film showed a warehouse at night, with a strange German man at a computer. A trunk was stored in a room with some other trunks and there was a reference made to "the bears" choosing people. The last thing we saw was the girl in a locked room peeking out from behind an open doorway. That's where this film begins. (as do all of the Chapter 5 entry films)

Chapter 1: The Story Beyond The Still
Chapter 2: The Story Beyond The Still
Chapter 3: The Story Beyond The Still
Chapter 4: The Story Beyond The Still

The Story Beyond The Still

[ Unfortunately, due to some technical and time-related issues, I missed the deadline. (missed it by "that much" -- about 2 hours (+/-) -- oh, well -- them's the breaks, and that's the way it goes sometimes -- due to some of the aforementioned "issues" I didn't have a chance at making the Top Five finalists, anyway, much less winning, so it's not a big deal -- as most people will notice, we had a few sound issues, which hurt the most -- when push comes to shove, the film's the thing, and that's the most important thing: we have a film -- and I have finally completed my first film) ]

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by Popeye Theophilus Barrnumb.

Russian : Robert Donnelly
American : Scott Brown
Cab Driver: William Donnelly
D.P. : Shawn Dyer
Music Coordinator : Robert Donnelly
Technical Advisor : Scott Brown
beau geste : Liam Donnelly
Driver : Lesa Donnelly
Grips : Avalon Brown, et al.
Special Effects : Popeye Theophilus Barrnumb (and Robert Donnelly)

Ring courtesy of Rings 'n' Things, Robert Ellis Donnelly

Music and Sounds::
* "Nerves", "Long Note 3", "Gnarled Situation", and "Rumination" by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"";
* Explosion thanks to Ohrwurm (Explosion at a construction site.wav), and Hiss (steam.flac) thanks to Corsica_S, at

Camera: Panasonic HDC-HS100 w/0.7x Wide-Angle lens
(her name is "Sweetness", and if you hold her up to your ear,
you can hear a quiet whisper of, "I think I can, I think I can...")
Format: 1920 x 1080 24p AVCHD (converted to 1280 x 720 MP4)
Runtime: Approx. 3 min 53 sec
Recording Media: Transcend SDHC Class 6 16GB flash memory card
Editor: Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (APE 8)
Additional Software: Audacity (sound), Moyea MTS Converter, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 & 8, Celtx screenwriting software
Equipment: Jib Arm & Dolly (thanks, Shawn), Fat Gecko (suction cup camera mount)
Budget: ~ US$200

Although I would like to take all the credit for this film (and I do and will anyway ;o) ), filmmaking is a collaborative art form, and that is especially true with indie films. However, the buck stops here in regard to any "failures", perceived, or actual, as should be the case. (that's why it's the Director's film)

The actors did a great job, imo, which was a saving grace, of sorts. My D.P. was invaluable. Thanks to everyone for working hard, helping out, and showing up when needed. I had fun and learned a few things.

This is my first film, and, although it's difficult for me to be objective, it didn't turn out half-bad, if I do say so myself, even with all of its many obvious and glaring issues. So I can't complain.

Constructive Critique is always appreciated. (serve me up a hot, steaming cup o' CoCOA)

(more info to come, such as links to websites and the script, etc.)

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