Tellatale - Visitor Interactions

Tellatale is an interactive exhibit for museums. It was done as a design project for my 4th semester of Design for Digital Experience at the National Institute of Design,Bangalore.

In 1537, Kempagowda established Bengaluru with the building of a small mud fort. A lot of myths and legendary stories are tied to the origins of Bengaluru.These mythical events are said to have eventually culminated into the formation of the city. This exhibit is a humble attempt to explore these fascinating tales of valour, drama and miracles and to relate with them in the contemporary context.

One such tale is about the earrings of Dodamma, a legendary ancestor of Kempagowda. Through the age old art of rangoli, an experimental interface is created to connect us culturally and visually to the narrative and new interactions using projections and tangible mediums are integrated into to exhibit for storytelling and knowledge sharing.

Audio Track Courtesy : “RSPN” (by Blank & Kytt)

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