Ritesh and Abby: Caught by her Amazing Smile

Ritesh and Abby's share of love story started on a rainy Tuesday morning in Davao, in 2012 at the Sutherland Office Cafeteria. That particular day, Ritesh was hungry so he went to the office cafeteria to get lunch. While looking for a table, one of his supervisors called him and introduced him to to the CAP Plan Team. One of them was Abby -- the long hair girl in a white top and long earrings, with an " amazing smile". He immediately noticed her. (Little did he know that he had just met his future wife for the first time) They have been good friends ever since.

One day, Ritesh offered to accompany Abby in Makati to complete some bank requirements. They took their company shuttle from Cubao going to Makati, headed to the bank but accomplished nothing. So Ritesh asked her out for lunch instead. He took her to Tokyo Tokyo followed by Coffee at Starbucks and a long walk back to drop her home - Not before a stopover for watermelon on Pio Del Pilar Street. It was an amazing first date!

Ritesh has always been sweet and caring. He loves giving surprises, but he pulled off the best surprise when he proposed to Abby on their first monthsary. After almost 3 years of knowing each other and being in a relationship, they knew they wanted a ceremony and reception that was beautiful, classic and elegant, so they chose to get married in Taal Vista Hotel. On February 8, 2015, Ritesh and Abby vow to love each other for the rest of their lives in front of their close friends and family. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Along with their guests, the newlyweds just had so much fun. By Team Freshminds

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