Aurea - et manus

Aurea et manus is an inveritas craftsmanship documentary realized to show how the art is capable to transform passion, consciousness, tradition and creativity.

Cagliari, Orerie Artigiane - via Università n° 7.
Since 1984, in the ancient district of Castello, Giancarlo Tocco recreates Catalan, Byzantine, Pisan and Nuragic traditions. Due to the Phoenician age-old technique of reducing gold in wires and grains, his jewels are something special. Handmade by meticulous patience, they do not just go over the traces of cultures settled during the time in Sardinia, from the ancient when the island was called Ichnos. Giancarlo goes ahead. In fact, he proposes something new, transforming the original styles of the centuries-old tradition. In his art, a deep attention is dedicated to earrings, to adorn the woman in every moment of the day, working with unusual gemstones to characterize the metamorphosis of these creations.
In addition to gold and silver, thanks to the study and research of signs and symbols of archeology, Giancarlo Tocco realizes his jewelry, with philological fidelity, even with copper and bronze.
Respecting past and traditions, Giancarlo face his art with the symbols of magic and profane, and explores new ways of craftsmanship, adapting the archaic and tribal designs, and its multiple meanings - devotional, propitiatory and decorative - to the present. The materials, often poor, are enriched with chains, rattles and other working in silver, making them unique and precious.
Among all, it is the Catalan-Aragonese culture the one that perhaps has left more traces of pomp and wealth, as well as an impressive documentation of jewelry dedicated to religion. So, in the production of Giancarlo Tocco you can find precious reserved for worship as rosaries portarelique and the series of crosses.
However, the real artistry of a Goldsmith resides in being able to bend a conditioning technique as that of the watermark - bound to repeated designs over time, with stones or corals - to realize the dreams of his customers.
In over 30 years, Giancarlo Tocco was devoted to the history and culture of his Island, observing and studying the meanings of many traditional jewelry. The result is in his creations, original and unique, made with passion and personality.

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