Finding My Father’s Footsteps

Must mountaineering expedition documentaries be extreme or about first attempts? Can they not be a heartwarming story? I would like to share this true story about my father that still continues today...

My father and I shared a passion for the mountains and climbing. However, we never had the chance to climb together as he died when I was only ten months old.
You always hear the phrase “You don’t miss what you don’t know”, and to some extent that is true. I had heard a few stories about my father as I grew up but everything was vague. He was always a mystery to me but slowly, over time, the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. Even today, I am realizing the life I have been living in some ways has been mimicking the same life of my father as we both share a passion for the mountains. The adventure that follows slowly unwraps this great mystery in my life.

With one name only and an internet search leads to an epic climbing adventure where I can retrace a climbing route my father did in 1954. It was just like he was holding the rope when I reached the summit.

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