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Our latest film restoration is a trip backward and forward in time! We'll let How Bowers (who is also a voice on our podcast) explain:

So many visions of the future are so off the mark that they often end up being laughable—a trait put to good use in the "Looking Back at Tomorrow" segments in Epcot Center's Horizons pavilion. It's especially remarkable then that in 1975 Disney debuted a post-show for the RCA-sponsored Space Mountain attraction at Walt Disney World that predicted the household of today with uncanny accuracy.

Here's a short list of things the attraction got right:

Huge wall-mounted widescreen flat panel televisions
Curved flat panel televisions
Laptop computers
Video chat
Online shopping
Online learning
Video games with motion controllers
Baby and home security video monitors
Movies on shiny discs
The general acceptance of unnaturally colored hair

What it didn't quite get:

No Internet
No cordless or cell phones
Streaming video (RCA could have foreseen this, but as one of the points of the attraction was to sell Select-A-Vision players, it's excusable
Teens still being excited about Elvis

Besides the futurism, guests also got to see themselves displayed on television sets, which was quite a novelty at that time. They also got to hear a super-catchy Buddy Baker song, "Here's to the Future," with a repeated refrain that "RCA leads the way."

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