World 1-1 Trailer

Our passion for video games and film came together to create a movie about the pioneers that brought to life such an amazing medium.

Before we were able to start, we (Daryl Rodriguez and Jeanette Garcia) had no money and chose to use Kickstarter for help. After 30 days of reaching out to people via emails, phone conversations and Skype interviews, we achieved our Kickstarter funding goal with the help of our backers, family, and friends. Less than one year later, we were able to complete the film.

World 1-1 is an independent documentary on the early history of video games. The personalities of the pioneers, the creations of the engineers, and the challenges, technology and business deals. See the games and hear the stories from the creators themselves.

This is the story of how Atari helped create the games industry years before it should have happened. World 1-1 follows the lucky deals and unfortunate mistakes that almost destroyed the entire industry just as quickly as it was born.
Official Release January 15, 2015

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