Bethia Beadman - Mary (official video)

Sun blazed corn left behind, her pearly earrings tell where she is headed. Sky sets pink and blue on Aphrodite rocks. Passes by a hilltop town, down through chalky canyons fierce with heat she goes in search of Mary the ecstatic, letting go of all that's been.
Shot beneath a full moon in the Eastern Mediterranean, this could be anywhere with dusty guitars and billy goats. 'Mary' is a hot 'n' rockin' hula hoop of a tune; a Western girl with raven hair and laced up boots wandering without worry, hat sharp to the wind.
We earn our archetypal medallions, Stark Soul. They serve us so because we have won them absolutely. A drum beat, a girl, a vision in the Monastery of Timiou Stavros.

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