director of photography by Ivo Hofsté

featuring Igor Don

photography by Andrea Linss

assistance by Vivien Gärtner

music by Kreismal

SAVE THE DATE is a new performance art project by Mischa Badasyan which is going to last from September 1st 2014 till September 1st 2015.


Our cities are non-places. Their history can be changed or rewritten. Our identity can be definite over and over and there is an illusion of the real communication. We just pass by and live in the void of people. Places are against spaces and opposite each space does not have a place of memory. The old and the new, the past and the present coexist and collide every time. Our life in the metropolis based on time, space and individuality. There is an abundance of events and places. Daily we hear news that reports within a few hours about a new terrorist attack or about the Olympic games, we use the internet to buy, communicate, to work, to relax, to enjoy- people move a lot around and travel from one point to another faster and faster. In the end we have to admit that we feel like inactive witnesses. So much is going on and we feel frustrated and depressed because there is everything but we do nothing with it. Many of us have a conviction that we on our own give a meaning to life and to the world. But the non-places take our power and our thinking away - in this places you do not have to decide, to talk anyone or to belong somewhere. Individual solitude turns into global solitude. Non-places create absence of the individual and abolish our identity.
SAVE THE DATE project deals with the theory of non-places by Marc AugeĢ. It is a long durational performance and an experiment which will take place in the metropolis. There are always at least two bodies involved. It is a research of yourself and about people around you, it is an attempt to turn spaces into places, solitude into freedom, searching into being.
For one year performance artist, Mischa Badasyan, is going to have a sex date every day. He will contact people through social media and privately to arrange a sexual meeting. Each day he will report about his experience and create photo and video installations. Directors will follow Mischa to create a documentary of this performance art piece.
One night stand will last 365 days, encountering different people in different spaces. It will create a big one non-place of loneliness and disparate.

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