[#/tau] Boris Hegenbart - Drone (Official Video)

[#/tau] Boris Hegenbart - Drone
Video by Seth Lower:

Birds are falling apart and becoming colors, tomatoes or persimmons, pears or guavas. On the subway in Tokyo an electric blender gets into a fight with a digital bird, which pukes up a poof of bread while a trapped bumblebee meditates gently by the window. But what do they eat? How does anyone, bird or not bird, eat? Find its way home? Regret is no more the friend of a squadron of pelicans than it is the lonely human on the precipice of a memory. Cheese dick. The difference is pelicans fly above it all. Even with a perfect loaf, as we see once the time has been completed, there are still many gaps in the base.

1. An actor stands on the precipice of nothing (red and green)
2. Someone opens a box
3. As everyone is leaving, someone begins to play Stairway to Heaven on an acoustic guitar.

Stories of violence (in keeping with the flies):

"I left my chair here yesterday. Now it's gone."

January 7, 2007
Room 4 at the Desert Inn. Pearl stud earrings. Her eyes were flashing neon signs signaling from the interstate.

January 7, 2007
A feather and a playing card, the Ace of Diamonds is found under the body.

-Seth Lower

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