Zero Gravity Wedding

Happy Five Year Anniversary! This is the video we showed at our receptions in Michigan and New York.

A photo of our wedding appears in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records, and a listing appears in subsequent editions. Ours was the world's first zero gravity wedding.


Video Editor
Brian Stillman

Special Thanks to
Richard Garriott, Officiant
Colin O'Neal
Dawn Fischer & Stacey Friedman
Evonne Tsang
James Leung
Johan Anderson IV
Kari Love
Matt Finnegan

Wedding Dress
Eri Matsui, designer

Neil Machlovitz, proprietor
J. Lucas Clothiers

Wedding Bands
Chris Ploof, designer

Hair and Makeup
Lambs Eat Ivy Salon
Lisa Pirillo, Owner, Stylist
Amelia Dray, Makeup Artist, Stylist
Jacqo, Stylist
Brianna, Stylist

Bridal Bouquet
Jennifer Nicolosi, A Downtown Florist and Wedding Shop
Cara Baldwin
057 Club

Bride's Jewelry
Tesoro Bella Jewelry

Bridesmaid Earrings (Moon and Mars Parabolas Only)

Special Thanks to the following:
Space Adventures
Alex Heiche
Krysta Cossitt (nee Brem)
Brian Rapoza
Akane McCarthy

Stacey Tearne

Kirvin Doak
Tom Dietz, Publicist

James Veronico, footage in Japan
Gerald Rathkolb, beach footage
Samantha Bong, Programmer
Joanne Lim, Graphic Designer

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