The Barr Brothers - “Half Crazy” (Official Video)

Pre-order The Barr Brothers new album 'Sleeping Operator' on iTunes and you'll get two tracks instantly, 'Even the Darkness Has Arms' and 'Half Crazy':

Director: Kaveh Nabatian

Usually, when we watch a rock band play, we don't look at the details of how the music is being made. We hear music coming at us, almost magically, from larger-than-life beings singing and playing instruments. With this video, I wanted to deconstruct the way in which the music is actually created: strings vibrating, fingers moving with Olympic agility and precision, tendons flexing, involuntary muscle movements, quivering metal plates. As the video becomes more psychedelic, I imagined where the music comes from, using archives and home videos from the band: the universe around us, childhood memories, travel, catastrophe, magic, the birth of a child.

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