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Finally. I started this project in January and it's FINALLY finished. I had breaks here and there but here it is. I worked extremely hard on this. About 1-2 month's work of time. That includes spriting the custom poses, animating,re touching, etc. Throughout this animation, you can see my animating skills improving section by section. I never really expected it to be this long but here it is. This is my new character Neku. I got the idea for his powers from listening to music. I listen to music in class during school, at home, in the bathroom, just about everywhere lol. His original powers was going to be that he would fight to the flow of the music but I changed it to sound waves and glass. I portrayed Makani as a human that can control wind, but a wind walker is NOT human and according to Makani's Wind Walker bio, I would've lost. Thanks to my subscribers and viewers for sticking with me all this time. Even though I release videos slowly, people are still subscribing. So thanks. I never thought of dropping this project but there were times where I didn't feel like animating but I kept thinking about something that driven me to keep doing so. That's personal. Credits go to their respective owners Thanks to iDewSprites and Makani ( ) for helping me convert this, you guys rock. iTwixer for the chatbox and putting all the sound in 2K for making the cards Makani again for teaching me easing, that helped out and speed up the animating so much. Windy and SwissedToast for the sword that I editted to my liking First song- Second song- **DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN ANY VISUAL OR AUDIO CONTENT USED WITHIN THIS VIDEO. I DO HOWEVER, HAVE THE RIGHTS TO THE CONTENT USED IN THIS VIDEO**
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