Relaxing Music with Pictures of Nature

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Great song for those who have stress and want to relax. Thanks for Mother Nature's best talent with pictures. All pictures are from around the Earth at different times. EDIT: Sorry for the Atomic Bomb in , this picture was accidentally highlighted in the making. Music - Album: Sleep Song : Sea of Dreams Lead Artists: Sandro Mancino Composers: None specified. Musicians: None specified. Nature Sounds: No selected natural sounds. I DO NOT OWN NOR CLAIM THE SONG AS MINE. Questions? no problem! Just send me a message via PM and I'll get to you A.S.A.P. 08/01/08 - 2,008 Views 10/08/08 - Thank you for the 7,000 Views! 10/25/08- 8,800! I love you guys. 12/28/08- Thank you all for favorite 100 times! and 18,000+ views! 1/07/09-Many thanks for 20k+ Views!!! 2/9/09 - 30k+!!! thank you so much 1/01/09 - 40k+! thanks!!! 3/25/09 - 50k+ views, thank you! 7/-?-/09 - Video hits viral!! thanks you all for watching! look for part two, which will soon be uploaded, when I get the hd setting going on. Thanks again! 11/22/13 - 11/28/13 Hits 1M+ views. Thank You!!
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