Relaxing Music with Ocean Webcam, 1080p Video with Soothing Tracks

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Relaxing music with ocean sounds, soothing tracks Look for the Caribbean Lounge full HD film with over 150 stunning views on the official site. The film is three and a half hours long, providing the perfect auditory and ocular massage with full HD quality, ocean sounds or relaxing beach music. This video was recorded in the summer of 2012 and features cliff views along the beaches of the North coast of the gorgeous Dominican Republic. Enjoy a full hour of pure, natural relaxation with spectacular ocean views. Don't forget to subscribe as we are working on other films that will be available on YouTube shortly. If you are looking to buy any of our products, you may purchase our DVD or download full HD high quality films with 5.1 surround sound. Currently, our most popular downloads are the titles "Beach Lounge" with the soothing roll of ocean waves, "Magic River" featuring the calming trickle of a river deep in the forest and "Underwater Music" which combines underwater landscapes with some of the most peaceful and serene sounds imaginable. Copyright © 2013 All music rights reserved.
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