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Whale jumping out of water-Humpback whale Whales sounds-Whale sound-Whales It is my holiday in Australia in the sea on motor boat with my our group but we see something , what is this ? it is the whales that is singing and humpback in the water that make me and everyone one the boat happy and we have take the video to share with you and we think the people that was seen are being happy like us. Whales is one of the biggest animals in the world but it not dangerous , lovely and it can make people happy with them skill ( Why ? Answer : Humpback whale , whale jumping out of water , whales sounds , whale singing , whales song ....other ). i'm one person that like whales and liked everything under water since i was 5 year old . my home are near the sea so i usually go to sea to see sun set with my father....that time is the good memory in my life... i think we should protect and save the animal on the earth like them . please don't hunt all kind of animal... because it is one of natural' s property that important for us and our country to develop in locate . Ok thank for your like , subscribe , shear , and support my channel .. Please enjoy with this video. To get more video or need update go to : Under Creative Commons license By : Guillaume Debever
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