Rainforest - Birdsong at Sunrise - 1,5HOUR Nature Sounds #6, Costa Rica Soundscapes

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"JUNGLE SUNRISE - Nature Sounds #6 " BECOME A FAN OF BodhiSattva Music & Enrico Galvini on Facebook and Youtube: Facebook: Youtube: Follow me around on Twitter: More than one hour playtime - relaxing sounds of the jungle in the fresh morning hours. I made this video on - spring equinoxe, March 21st, beginning of springtime This beauty of the jungle can heal your soul. It will touch your inner world and you will be able to remeber paradise - for sure. This little videos of my NATURE SOUND SERIES are my gifts for you - you can listen and watch it for free on youtube and you can soak in the peacefull and powerfull landscapes of gods creation. Untouched and uncovered scenes of pure nature - a poem of god - a declaration of love from god. God declares unlimited love to humanity. Enjoy watching my new video JUNGLE SUNRISE. Stay tuned, Enrico Galvini © Enrico Galvini, CEO BodhiSattvaMusic 2014 PS: You can SUBSCRIBE to OUR NEWSLETTER here:
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