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Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam KJA released this cd back in 2002. Since then "White Noise" has become even more popular than ever in the relief of insomnia, tinnitus, noise masking in buildings, and general relaxation. I've uploaded this new 12 hour version so it can be left to run for extended periods. Note: I've added some wonderful public domain NASA images so not only can you enjoy listening, but the video will relax you as well. Here's the original descriptions of the CD when release in the 60 minutes version: This audio CD is meant to improve focus by removing, or masking, distractions from surrounding ambient noise. It has been used to prevent insomnia, reduce pain, increase awareness, and in many other natural health applications. White Noise is 100% random audio data covering the entire audible spectrum. It sounds like the hiss of the wind, or the crash of ocean waves, but very consistent and repetitive. Technically, it's sound that contains all the human audible frequencies ( 20 to 20khz ) at equal power across the audible spectrum. The U.S. Government suggests White Noise for Tinnitus sufferers. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders ( NIDCD ) recommends mild noise to 'mask' sounds and which helps Tinnitus sufferers sleep and perform other tasks. White Noise is widely used in office environments to reduce the cross talk, or interference, caused from conversations in adjacent cubicles. This effect is called masking, which is the same effect which promotes healthful sleep by reducing external noise in our bedroom at night. White Noise is conducive to relaxation, as white noise inherently sounds like nature, the wind, the sea, etc. It is often used as a sleep aid. In fact, large chains like The Sharper Image and Radio Shack sell electronic 'white noise' simulators for business travelers for much more money, with less quality sound. The white noise on this cd is true stereo random and is recorded at 0dbfs - that's the maximum volume you can record at without distortion. You've often seen 'sounds of the ocean' recordings for sale - white noise is much less attention drawing, hence, it's more capable of allowing you to focus and relax without bringing your attention to it. Audio enthusiasts can use this to balance speakers and adjust equalizers. On the more cynical side, many people also use white noise as a deterrent to electronic surveillance. Apparently, white noise can render many bugs useless by masking subtle conversation with itself to make extraction of the voice segment of an audio recording very difficult, if not impossible. Question: Is White Noise the same as radio static? Answer: No - radio static is just that - random static. It does not cover the entire audio spectrum nor is it consistent enough to be used practically for measurements. White Noise is random equally over the 20 - 20khz spectrum and has a 'smooth' color, as opposed to the cracking and popping associated with radio noise. Question: Is White Noise the same as Pink Noise? Answer: No - White Noise has it's energy equally distributed across the entire audio spectrum while Pink Noise is typically -3db per octave. It's easy to make Pink Noise from White Noise with an Equalizer. Even a simple tone control can simulate Pink Noise quite well. On the other hand, it's difficult to make White Noise from Pink Noise. Question: Is White Noise used in industrial sound masking? Answer: Yes and No. Many systems start with White Noise and then adjust the EQ to match the room. Other systems pre-calculate the proper EQ and provide a pre-eq'd wave. In either case, it all starts white. Question: What's all this about Tinnitus? Answer: Millions of people have Tinnitus (tin-NY-tus) - a condition in which sufferers have a ringing, roaring, clicking, or hissing sound in their ears all the time. It is associated with hearing loss. Many people who have Tinnitus have reported headaches when listening to certain sounds. White Noise has proven effective in providing some relief by providing a 'masking' effect over the ringing sounds they hear. To use this cdrom, play track 1 in a boombox, stereo system, or even portable cd player. Adjust the volume just loud enough to mask out external sounds. After a short period of time, you'll stop noticing the white noise itself, and all will seem quiet. You can loop,or repeat, the cd for an endless supply of white noise.
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