Mother and Baby Soft White Noise - fall asleep fast calming white noise

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CD Now available from Amazon: For Pregnancy/Baby Meditation MP3 Package - CLICK HERE: VISIT HERE TO DOWNLOAD HIGH QUALITY MP3 RECORDING - BEST PLAYED AT LOWER VOLUMES. CD Now available from Amazon: CD available here from Ebay Check out the best of the best GUIDED MEDITATIONS download MP3 pack here. Top Value! Relax deeper, and get to sleep, quickly and easily with the Zen mother & Baby soft white noise recording. This recording assists to mask out other background noise and stops distractions. This in turn will promote a healthy sleep for both mother and baby. This Zen white noise recording uses special precise mathematical algorithms to achieve a deep, restful state. It can also be used to assist children overcome distractions associated with ADD or ADHD, to calm nervous children and naturally soothe headaches or migraines. More tips on insomnia can be found here : kid girl boy
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