Dodge Dart 1.4l Waste Gate Adjustment

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Experiencing the dreaded P0299 Under-boost Code in your 1.4L Dodge Dart? Have bad turbo surge, under rated MPG, or just no low RPM power? Your waste gate in your dart may not be properly adjusted! Its a simple fix that takes 15 minutes, only requiring a 10mm socket, 10mm wrench, 13mm socket, a small flat head and some WD40. After you do the adjustment, you need to drive around 70 miles and do 6-10 WOT pulls and the ECM will adjust to the new boost! Its a shame Dodge is replacing turbos over this small issue and the difference it makes is astounding! Comment below on how the fix helped you, and don't forget to like and subscribe! All credit to the fix goes to Tork Motorsports, the premier dart tuner and only company that has ACTUAL dart tunes!
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